Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Vesteralen Apartments sauna

These general conditions apply when you as a consumer (“customer” or “you”) make a purchase from Vesterålen Apartment at www.vesteralenapartment.com. The terms and conditions apply to visits and reservations in Vesterålen Apartments sauna website vesteralenapartment.com, as well as through contact with customer support or via social media.

Consumer purchases

Consumer purchases are regulated in, among other places, the Consumer Purchases Act, the Right of Cancellation Act, the Marketing Act, the Personal Data Act, the E-commerce Act and the Credit Purchases Act. If you want more information about your rights and obligations when purchasing, these laws can be looked up at lovdata.no.

By using the website and/or placing an order, you agree to follow the provisions set out in the Terms. Please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions before placing your order. The fact that products or services are offered on the website at a specific time is no guarantee that all products or services are always available. We reserve the right to stop selling a product at any time and make reservations that products are not available at all times.

Vesterålen Apartment reserves the right to change these terms and conditions as necessary without prior notice. The version of the terms that applies to your order is the version available on the website at the time of order.


When ordering via the website, the prices stated apply. All prices are in Norwegian kroner (NOK) and include VAT. If the VAT rate applicable on the order date changes after the order has been placed, this change will be reflected in the price of the goods, without you being informed of this. The prices stated at the time of the customer’s order apply throughout the entire purchase process. There are no other taxes or charges. In the event of obvious incorrect pricing due to technical or human error, Vesterålen Apartment reserves the right to cancel an order and refund the customer.


You can choose the following safe payment methods at Vesterålen Apartment:

WooCommerce: credit card when paying. The amount is deducted from the card on the same day the order is made.
VIPPS on website.
Cash is not accepted.

Vesterålen Apartment thus never has access to the card information and therefore cannot register or store the card information.

Purchase terms and customer information

In order to make a purchase via the website, you must accept the terms. By accepting the terms, you undertake to follow the terms, and that you accept that you have read the information on Vesterålen Apartment processing of personal data below, and consented to the use of cookies.

A purchase agreement, governed by these terms and conditions, is only entered into when Vesterålen Apartment has confirmed the order in writing to your provided e-mail address (the “order confirmation”). You are encouraged to keep the order confirmation for any inquiries to Vesterålen Apartment in the future. The agreement you enter into in connection with a booking only covers payment for the reservation in question, and once the booking and the visit have been completed, the customer has no further payment obligations towards Vesterålen Apartment. However, the terms and conditions still apply between the parties for the purchased services/goods. The customer confirms that the information that the customer fills in is correct and complete. The customer is responsible for incorrectly completed information. Information about Vesterålen Apartment processing of personal data is set out below, and forms part of these terms and conditions.

Cancellation and change of booking

Service cancellation rights does not apply for individual services that take place at a specific time or within a specific period, cf. the Right of Cancellation Act § 19. A booking with Vesterålen Apartment follows the same principle as if you buy a cinema-, concert-, or plane ticket. Reservation can be transferred to another name free of charge.

Your booking can only be canceled or changed if you have purchased the cancellation insurance.

Cancellation and weather reservations

If for some reason Vesterålen Apartment cannot complete the reservation due to wind, weather or other external reasons, the customer will be refunded the deposit.

Vesterålen Apartment cannot guarantee water quality or weather. In the event of extreme weather and other force majeure situations such as pandemic, war, rebellion, blockade, natural disasters, strike and lock-out, import restrictions, hyperinflation, alien invasion, monkeypox, robbery and burglary, the customer will not receive a refund for the service that cannot be carried out.

Age limit

Vesterålen Apartment does not process purchases and reservations for persons under the age of 18. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.

Privacy statement

Vesterålen Apartment is responsible for the processing of the personal data that the customer provides to Vesterålen Apartment. In accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998:204) and EU Directive 94/46/EC. The customer’s information is used so that Vesterålen Apartment can fulfill its obligations towards the customer, such as accepting the customer’s orders via the website, providing the customer with good service, and various marketing activities such as e.g. sending out newsletters and offers that are customized for the customer.

Vesterålen Apartment also documents the communication with the customer in cases where the customer makes a complaint or has other questions. This is to be able to provide the service that the customer expects from Vesterålen Apartment. More specifically, Vesterålen Apartment needs your personal data for the following purposes:

To be able to receive and process your reservations and orders via the website (e.g. name, address, date of birth and bank details)
To be able to inform about any changes to the reservation via SMS (e.g. the mobile number)
To be able to send out marketing material, e.g. newsletter (e.g. email address, name)
To be able to contact you with questions about the reservation/order or the purchase in general (e.g. phone number, name)
To be able to answer questions and inform you about new or changed services (e.g. email address)
To be able to analyze the personal data and offer relevant marketing, offers and information (e.g. name, purchasing habits, email address)
To be able to confirm that you are old enough to shop online (e.g. date of birth)

The information is only stored as long as it is required to be able to perform the services or as long as it is permitted by law. We cannot remove your data when there is a legal storage requirement (e.g. the Bookkeeping Act) or when there is a legal reason to retain certain data, e.g. an ongoing contractual relationship.

You also agree to the following

You will not leave any garbage or anything else in our outside of the sauna
Bathing on the premises happens at your own risk
You will put the key back into the keybox after your stay appointment at the sauna

Your rights

You have the right to receive information from us about the personal data we hold about you. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can of course request that this be corrected or removed. According to the Personal Data Act, you have the right, free of charge and once per calendar year, to receive information about your personal data as a customer of Vesterålen Apartment.

If a customer wants this information, a signed request for this must be sent to Vesterålen Apartment postal address. The request must be in writing and cannot be sent by e-mail. If personal data is handled in violation of the Personal Data Act, the customer has the right to request that the data be corrected, blocked or deleted.

Postal address: Vesterålen Apartment AS ℅ Hånestangen 45, 4635, Kristiansand

You can withdraw your permission for us to use your information for marketing purposes at any time.

Who has access to personal information?
Vesterålen Apartment will not disclose, sell or exchange your information with a third party. Personal data may be shared with organizations such as freight forwarders, payment intermediaries, credit reference or collection companies for credit assessment, identity control, monitoring of creditworthiness and transfer of claims.

How we protect your personal information

Vesterålen Apartment protects your personal data using encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a function that means that all information sent between the buyer and the seller is encrypted. Vesterålen Apartment continuously develops security measures to keep up with technological developments.

For card purchases, we work with a payment intermediary that, among other things, helps to check that the card is valid for purchases against the bank. The payment intermediary processes the payment card information correctly in accordance with the international security standard PCI DSS. Handling in accordance with this standard means that the information is handled in a very secure way.

Information capsules (cookies)

Vesterålen Apartment uses cookies to improve and simplify your visit to the website. We do not use cookies to store personal information or to disclose information to third parties.

Vesterålen Apartment uses permanent cookies to save your choice of home page. We use session-based cookies to check whether you have added an item to the shopping cart and when you use the product filtering.

You can easily delete cookies from your computer or mobile via your browser. Instructions on how to handle and remove cookies can normally be found in the help text for the browser. You can choose to turn cookies off completely or receive a message every time a new cookie is sent to your computer or mobile. If you choose to turn off cookies, you will not be able to use all the functions on the website. We use third-party cookies to collect statistics in analysis tools such as e.g. Google Analytics. The cookies used are permanent or temporary (session-based cookies). The permanent cookies are stored on the computer or mobile phone for a maximum of 24 months.


The website may also contain links to other websites that are outside Vesterålen Apartment control. Vesterålen Apartment is not responsible for integrity protection or the content of these websites. The connections must, among other things, make it easier for you to find information in certain areas.

Website content, copyright and rights

Vesterålen Apartment reserves the right to any text and image errors on the website. All intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and copyright on the website, belong to Vesterålen Apartment or their licensors. The information is protected by law with regard to e.g. copyright, marketing and trademarks. This means that neither all nor part of the content can be copied or used, other than for the customer’s personal and non-commercial purposes, without prior written approval from Vesterålen Apartment.


Vesterålen Apartment reserves the right to transfer to a third party or pledge payment claims, including repayments, which have arisen in connection with the delivery of a product.

Validity of clauses

If one or more provisions of this agreement are invalid or judged to be ineffective by a court or supervisory authority, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the agreement.


Disputes in connection with this agreement and which concern the validity of the agreement shall be tried in a Norwegian general court and in accordance with Norwegian law. If you are dissatisfied with an item you have purchased, we ask that you complain about the item in accordance with the guidelines for complaints above. Vesterålen Apartment will try the complaint and reply to you. If for one reason or another you are not satisfied with Vesterålen Apartment assessment, you as a consumer can apply to have the case tried by the consumer ombudsman. Vesterålen Apartment follows the decision of the consumer ombudsman. You can find more information from the consumer ombudsman at www.forbrukerombudet.no.

Who we are

Vesterålen Apartment, organization number 988 784 133 with address:
℅ Erik Hvashøj Pedersen Hånestangen 45, 4635 Kristiansand S. Vesterålen Apartments AS is the owner of the website and associated data.

For contact information see this page.

We reserve the right for any typographical errors.

Many thanks for using Vesterålen Apartment services!