When the sea is your pantry

Martin den Boer is originally from the Netherlands, and he was not familiar with fishing when he first arrived at Vesterålen apartments, where he is now host.

-Many of us have forgotten where our food comes from. No, fish does not come from the freezer at your local supermarket. Fish comes from the deep seas in Vesterålen. For a lot of people this is quite exotic, and catching your own fish is a unique experience.

Fishing is a contrasting experience – one minute total silence and then! Action as a sudden rush of adrenaline flows through your veins when you catch a big fish.

For a long time you are in silence, the only sound is the waves breaking against the boat. Some get sleepy by this, it`s so relaxing. But then you feel a pull and it`s on. The fish will put up a fight as you pull it towards the surface. It`s a battle, but it feels so meaningful. This is how our ancestors had to fight, every day, says den Boer.

At night, we`ll enjoy the catch of the day along with a glass of red wine!

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