To the end of the world:

According to the Vikings, the end of the world was an ominous place. If you sailed over the edge, the monster Midgardsormen and a sure death would await you. Still, at the edge of the horizon, the waters are dramatic, creating waves as big as houses. The ocean can also be spectacular and beautiful; guests that come along out on the sea experience this.

Sometimes we offer fishing trips, and sometimes we go on an Island Safari. We also visit the lighthouses. The boats we use can take groups of 8-10 people.

In the earlier days, the Island community was large, vital and important. In the fishing villages, many families would live isolated over long periods of time. They lived of the sea and what little produce they had. Today, it`s difficult for us to picture their hardship.

When the sun is shining and the skies are blue it`s easy to see the beauty of this area, but it can also be exciting experiencing the stormy weather. Watching the waves break against the rocky seashore, feeling the power of the wind – it`s a unique experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

At Vesterålen apartments we have four rowing boats for free use for our guests. Bicycles and canoes can be rented.

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