Passion on two wheels

Dutch host Martin den Boer welcomes you to Vesterålen apartments. He is head over heels in love with the grand surroundings in Vesterålen.

-Along with the Lofoten Islands and Senja, Vesterålen is amongst the most beautiful Norway has to offer. That`s my humble opinion. I would love to share «my love» with others, den Boer exclaims with enthusiasm.

Vesterålen has many activities to offer, and cycling is right up at the top of the list. Almost a given for a Dutch man.

Cycling is the perfect way to move around when you want to take in the sea and the mountains. Cycling is neither too fast nor slow, it`s just right. Cycling on a gravel road, smelling the flowers and listening to the sound of the puffins..Ah, these grand surroundings; they are so inviting. I can assure you; you`ll want to stay forever – he says with a chuckle.

Martin den Boer truly has a passionate relationship with the northern Norwegian nature.

The nature in Vesterålen and cycling is something I`ll never get tired of.

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