On the roof of Vesterålen

-We are always so busy. Sometimes we need to move a little slower, says Martin den Boer, host at Vesterålen apartments.

When guests ask his advice for activities, he urges them to put on their boots and pack a rucksack. Then he`ll point them towards the nearest mountaintop.

Martin is particularly excited about the Norwegian mountains. In Vesterålen the mountains drop into the ocean and peak up through the skies.

The most important thing isn`t necessary climbing. What`s important is that you can slow down your pulse and relax.  You can hike along the water amongst old boathouses, picking up seashells and crabs. When that`s said, there is an enormous achievement in conquering a mountain. The hike up is demanding, and you will be worn out, but the view from the top? Mountains, fjords, orcas, midnight sun and northern lights. You`ll be surrounded by this and much more, depending on the time of year you visit. It`s simply breathtaking, says den Boer.

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