Whale Safari:

The majesty of the sea

In the arctic waters of Vesterålen the whales reign. A whale safari will get you close up to these impressive animals.

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Passion on two wheels

Biking is to hurry slowly; along the mighty mountains, allowing time for picnics and sightseeing.

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Paddling/ canoeing:

When silence is all you hear

Paddling is pure silence. On board all you can hear is the sound of your oars.

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The Northern lights:

Cascades of light

There is absolutely nothing more magic than the northern lights. It is as if the Norwegian trolls are dancing over the sky, says Dutch Martin den Boer.

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On the roof of Vesterålen

The best way to experience Vesterålen is by walking. Lace up your boots and take in the breathtaking nature!

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When the sea is your pantry

Once you pull your first cod over the side of the boat, you`ll never forget it.

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Bird watching:

The skies` most powerful

The Eagle is the largest raptor in Northern Europe. In Loosen and Vesterålen you will find the largest population of eagles.

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Boat trip

To the end of the world:

Far out in the ocean there is a world you`ve never heard about.

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